Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News
2013 Stallion Issue

Spotted Mountain Horse Association News

by Val Kleinheitz

The 2013 show season is right around the corner and it looks to be a great year for the Spotted Saddle Horse. Our Spotted Horses held their own in the show ring with year end High Point Honors. Gritís Lady Power, ridden by Toni Pederson for Leah Pederson is the Reserve Champion in several Country Trail Pleasure classes. Rocking The Night Away, owned and ridden by Latasha Ross is the Champion and Reserve Champion in the Trail Pleasure. Vice & Virtue also owned and ridden by Latasha Ross is the Champion in 2 & 3 year old Trail Pleasure. Rossís Classic Silver, owned and ridden by Lashonda Ross is Reserve Champion in Trail Pleasure. Congratulations to all the fine Spotted Saddle Horses for competing in the combined KMSHA/SMHA classes and the KBIF Program, you did yourself proud.


The KBIF/KMSHA/SMHA Program will be in full swing in 2013 with several requirements for the Breeding Stallions in the state of KY. Owners wishing to have foals nominated in 2014 and forward must have followed these guidelines for the 2013 and forward breeding season:


  • All KMSHA/SMHA stallions (sires) must be KBIF Nominated by June 30, 2013 in order for the foals to be eligible for KBIF (so you will have to nominate the sire the year that you breed the mare and the year that you nominate a foal to have the foal eligible?)

  • All sires and dams must be registered and certified KMSHA/SMHA

  • All sires and dams must have DNA on file with KMSHA and the foals will have to match for parentage verification.

  • Official Breeding Certificates must be used and sent to the KMSHA office documenting the following;

a. Stallions and mares permanently residing in the state of KY can be bred and reported as usual. An affidavit must be signed by the Owner, Agent or a Licensed Veterinarian and attached to the Official Breeding Certificate OR

b. Stallions and mares from out of the state of KY must have their arrival and location in the state of KY documented by the Ownerís Agent of record and reported to the KMSHA 45 days prior to breeding. Included in the documentation must be the address of the agent. Proof of the stallion or mare breeding/AI collection in the state of Kentucky, "Kentucky Bred" must be listed on the official breeding certificate with affidavit attached and signed by the Agent or Licensed Veterinarian that witnessed the breeding.

c. Registered and Certified Mares must be bred in the state of KY or can be AIíd out of state by an eligible Stallion collected in KY.

Some general information regarding mares and 2013-2014 foals in the KBIF Program.

  • All mares must be KMSHA/SMHA registered and certified with DNA on file in the KMSHA office. Out of state mares must reside in KY 45 days prior to foaling and a record of such foaling must be submitted to the KMSHA office prior to foal registration.

  • All foals must be KMSHA/SMHA registered and have DNA on file that proves Parentage. (It takes U KY 4-6 weeks to return DNA so you will want to register your foals early!) Foals must also have an affidavit certifying the foal as "Born in Kentucky" signed by the Owner, Agent or Licensed Veterinarian and in the KMSHA office prior to registration.

  • Inspections from the KBIF committee or the KTRC cam be conducted without notice. (Violations of this provision could result in a KBIF lifetime ban.)


    Violations of the 45 day requirement for foaling or breeding will void KBIF eligibility for the foal. All affidavits are sworn testimony and are subject to perjury if falsified and could result in prosecution for providing false information.