Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News
2013 Fall-International Issue

Spotted Mountain Horse Association News

by Val Kleinheitz


Itís that time of year again and we had better have our spots ready for the BIG show. Friday is the $50,000 Futurity, the classes will have both the KMSHA and SMHA showing together but they will be judged separately. Immediately after each Futurity Conformation class we will have a Conformation class open to all KMSHA/SMHA horses that meet the age requirement.

The SMHA and KMSHA horses will show together in all the qualifying and Grand Championship classes but on Thursday evening we will have separate SMHA Championship classes resulting in SMHA CHAMPIONS. Hopefully we will see some of our past Champions back to defend their titles this year. The more Spotted Mountain horses that we have showing at the International each year brings us closer to having separate SMHA classes.

The SMHA breeders have been busy working on crossing their spotted horses with KMSHA horses producing spotted horses with more of a Mountain look and gait, several of them will be in the Futurity, you might enjoy checking them out on Friday afternoon. Old time bloodlines like Dock, Nick and Johnsonís Toby cannot help but bring more of a Mountain look and gait to our SMHA horses and make them more competitive in the International and AA Shows. Look for them when you are shopping for your next SMHA.

Enough of the show information, we have had a wonderful year trail riding at some of the local parks. One of the easiest places to start a young horse is Masterson Station off Leestown Road, Lexington, KY. A great second ride is Shaker Village outside of Harrodsburg, KY. When you are ready you can try some of the Parks with both easy and more challenging trails like Green River, Taylorsville Lake, Cave Run, Red Hill, just to name a few. You may be surprised to see some of your favorite show horses enjoying a nice summer day in the cool shade trail riding in the forest alongside one of our beautiful lakes or rivers.

Hopefully you noticed the front cover of this Issue, itís the first Spotted cover in the History of the SMHA. Thank you LaTasha Ross for your strong dedication and belief in our wonderful "Spotts"!