Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News
2012 Stallion Issue

Cover Story


Dock at 30

by Dave Stefanic


DOCK, Over the Years

So many people have asked Sue and I, "What has it been like to own a famous stallion like Dock" ? We both have lots of stories to tell, but the best answer to that question is, " He’s been a survivor".

When we first acquired Dock in 1995, he wasn’t in the best of health, he was very vulnerable and was not in a good condition What we hoped was to bring him back to a stable and healthy life, as a breeding Stallion, we wanted babies from him, Dock babies.

Interesting but sad that we have a memorial in this very issue about ER Davis and his life, but it was ER that gave us the revelation in his own terms about Dock. "If you want another Choco Dock, you need to breed to his sire, Dock, and the chances are greater that it will happen." We wanted to buy Choco Dock from him for years and that just didn’t happen.

Astounding as it would be, Dock recovered, never to be 100% again, but good enough to breed and make babies for us. The rest of his lifespan would be a gamble, but after 17 years he’s still here with us on the farm, he not only made babies but made some very notable Stallions like Joe Banjo, Let’s Tango, Dock’s Montana, Cotton Eyed Joe, Cisco Kid, What’s Up Dock, Ringo Starr, No Way Jose, Kentucky Bourbon plus many mares who also stood out in the shows and in the field.

Now at 30 years of age Dock still holds his own, hopefully he’ll give us yet another year of foals in 2012.

After knowing Dock for all these years and if there was one thing that would describe him the best, we’d have to say that he certainly maintained all the qualities that a Mountain horse Stallion should and as well passed them on to his offspring. Great temperaments, conformation, color, gait and "just a little Docky attitude", which was the part of his personality that we most enjoyed and what had originally drew us to him.

We are thankful that we had the opportunity to have owned him and brought him to this stage in his life.

He has produced so many wonderful Stallions in his career like Choco Dock, Magnum, Rockin Dobbin, Dock’s Apache Gold, Doc Holiday, X File and many, many more.

He truly has been one of the best assets of the Mountain horse breeds.