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2011 International Grand Championship/Fall Issue

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Grace Rigdon & Bud's Dusty


Grace Rigdon loves to ride and she loves her Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, Budís Dusty. There was a period of time when Grace thought her days of riding were over. Grace had been riding since the age of two, but when she was seven, she was kicked by a horse and at the age of eight, fell off another. Her injuries were minor, but between the kick and fall, she was now afraid to ride.

While her mother Nancy, was out on a horse-buying trip to Billy Caudillís farm in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, Nancy saw another horse. As soon as they saw Budís Dusty, they knew they had to have her for Grace. Her gentle manner and eagerness to please helped Grace to overcome her fears.

Dusty was worth every penny! Grace was back in the saddle! Thanks to Dusty, she now rides other horses including Red Doc. Grace tries out every horse they bring home and is enjoying showing also. Horse showing allows Grace and her family to spend the best quality time together.


2010 Awards

KMSHA Kentucky Regional Country Trail High Point Champion

KMSHA Reserve Champion in Trail Pleasure in Kentucky Regional and National

2011 Awards

4H District 6 High Point Award-Champion Division 1/ Mountain Division (her first year in 4H Horse Program)

4H Kentucky State High Point Award -Reserve Champion Division 1/ Mountain Division


Rigdonís Ranch

Johnny, Nancy, & Grace Rigdon

1753 US Hwy 41-Alt

North Dixon, KY 42409

Nancy (cell) 270-844-2259

John (cell) 270-860-2195


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Photos by Memories by Chris Photography