Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News
2010 World Equestrian
Games/Expo Issue

Spotted Mountain Horse Association

by Melinda Jennings



The Spotted Mountain Horse Association was started in 2002 to promote horses that possessed the gentle disposition and smooth natural four-beat gait of the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse but had too much white to be registered. Now owners would have a place to register, promote and show their spotted horses.

With the growth of the registry, came increased show opportunities for the Spotted Mountain Horses. As participation increased, more classes were added to the Kentucky Mountain show circuit for spotted horses. Spotted horses can now be shown in all novice, amateur and juvenile classes, western, four gait and trail obstacle classes, with more opportunities to come!

With the ever increasing opportunities to showcase spotted horses, more and more mare owners are breeding their spotted mares to Kentucky Mountain stallions resulting in beautiful black and white, chocolate and white, palomino and white and buckskin and white (to name a few) spotted horses. It is always interesting because not only do you not know what color your foal will be, but you donít know what kind of coat pattern it will have! There are also several beautiful spotted stallions standing at stud. Check them out in the breederís directory in our magazine or on our website.


Looking to the Future

As the breed continues to grow, there will be increased opportunities for the Spotted Mountain Horse breed. We continue to promote the Kentucky Mountain and Spotted Mountain horses at breed fairs and with outside advertising. October 27th through October 30th, the KMSHA/SMHA International Grand Championship Horse show will be held directly following the WEI Games. The event will be held in the new covered area at the Kentucky Horse Park. We are very excited about this opportunity to showcase our horses in such a world class venue. Please come out and watch the best of the best compete for a championship title in October!