Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News
2010 World Equestrian
ames/Expo Issue

Mountain Horses Prove Their Versatility

by Paul Morell

The first Competitive Trail and Cowboy Extreme Race was held April 10th at Circle Sid Farms, Garrard County. Competitive Trail Races are becoming extremely popular. The course was one mile in length with various natural obstacles; these obstacles are the same type you would find on trails that you have ridden before. The terrain is rugged with a 45 degree hill and an 800 foot elevation change that definitely challenged the endurance of the horse. The Judges looked for a willing, calm horse that did not hesitate while on course.

Larry LeBlanc won the Competitive Trail Class while "Speedy", a Spotted Mountain Horse, performed an expo turning in the fastest time against all comers.

A Cowboy Extreme Race is the Ultimate Challenge showing the relationship between Horse and rider. The obstacles are both natural and manmade with some of the natural ones consisting of a cedar maze, swimming pond and a deadfall to pick your way through. The man-made consisted of a mattress and tarp to walk over, shooting a paintball gun while mounted, dismounting, placing an inner tube around your horses neck, then remounting, pass thru a hay ring low enough that you could loose your head if you are not paying attention and, last but not least, a 4 foot gate set on a 45 degree angle to each side, the riders had a bit of a problem maneuvering close enough to reattach the chain.

These obstacles are not set up to present a challenge so difficult that your horse gets hurt, but are designed to test the degree of trust you and your horse have built up over the years. Once you have that trust he knows you will not put him in a spot where he will be hurt, he will have a willing attitude doing anything you ask of him.

The second Cowboy Extreme Race, held August 7, had twice the turnout with as many as 27 riders in a class. Emma Hacker won the Youth Hi Point Class. The Gaited Trail Obstacle was won by Jenna Ratliff, Emma Robins was second, Emily Robins came in third, and Robin Little placed fourth. All of these ladies were riding Mountain Horse, proving both their versatility and that of these great horses.

A Ranch Rodeo, sponsored by Circle Sid Farms and sanctioned by KMSHA will put these great Mountain Horses to the test again. The Rodeo will be September 11th at Circle Sid Farms Training and Boarding Facility, located on the NW corner of Hwy. 27 & 34, Lancaster , Ky. The events will include but are not limited to one man team penning, ranch sorting, barrel racing, gaited barrels and mounted shooting. Overnight parking and stalls are available. For information, call (606) 879-1109.

The third Cowboy Extreme Race will be on October 2nd on Fuzzy Duck Road, Garrard County. You will never know what you and your horse can do until you push yourselves. What an adrenaline rush! Please check out the showbill at\events\shows_events.htm . Contact person Paul Morell (606)879-1109 for more information.