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Doc's Big Deal owned by

Rocky Grounds Farm

We honor Trainer Henry Elam and Docís Big Deal with the dedication of this cover! We are very thankful for the hard work and dedication displayed to Docís Big Deal by our trainer, Henry Elam. He took a well made colt and turned him into a champion! With keen intelligence, incredible gait and huge heart, Docís Big Deal is the epitome of a true mountain horse with a gentle soul! We are very proud of his record setting show year thus far!

We also send special thanks to DeWeese Farms. Penny, Charlie, Luke, and Mike provided the building blocks of good care to help promote Docís Big Deal to the winnerís circle! We also offer congratulations to Tanner DeWeese for his fantastic year on Docís Big Deal. Riding as an amateur, Tanner, promoted this mountain horseís winning attributes in the arena! Tanner has consistently displayed Docís Big Deal to his best advantage!

Finally, great big congratulations to Langstone Harvey for her tremendous year on Docís Big Deal! These two have been the unbeatable duo! Two hearts beat as one whenever they enter the arena!

In closing, Rosie and Jerry would like to thank all of our friends for their support at the horse shows. Meeting with your friends is the real enjoyment in life! Watching the horses shine in the ribbons at the shows is just a nice bonus to a great day of fellowship! Always remember, the horse of today is about luxury and pleasure! The horse of yesterday laid the trails of where we are today. If you want a safe, solid mountain horse of outstanding quality, call Jerry Morgan at 317-371-5005 or send email to  to view some of the best mountain horses available! Have a great 2010 International Grand Championship!



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