Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News
2010 International
Grand Championship Issue

Spotted Mountain Horse Association News

by Melinda Jennings


The 2010 KMSHA/SMHA International Grand Championship horse show will get under way on Thursday, October 28th and conclude on Saturday night, October 30th.

This will be a pioneer show for the Spotted Mountain Horse. Not only will the show be held in the new indoor arena at the Kentucky Horse Park, but for the first time spotted horses will be able to compete in their own Spotted Championship Classes and then in the OPEN Grand Championship classes!

In addition there will be over 90 other OPEN classes for the Spotted Mountain Horses to compete in. Spotted horses will still have their classes which are Spotted Mountain Horse Country Trail Pleasure, Trail Pleasure, Classic Pleasure and Park Pleasure. They will also be able to compete in almost every other class offered including age and gender division classes. Also offered are classes such as Adult Trail Obstacle and Weanling/Yearling Trail Obstacle, 4-Gait, Driving, and Western Classes. Fun classes like the Grooms Class and Costume Class should bring some lighthearted fun to the show! We have waited a long time to be able to compete in some of these classes, and with the number of spotted mountain horses growing, we finally have our chance!

Bring your Spotted Mountain Horse out to the show, and take advantage of this amazing opportunity.