Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News
2010 International
Grand Championship Issue

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Sue & Honey

by Sue Touchston, Spring Hill, Florida

I have been around horses all my life. I have always had Quarter Horses. I have some what of a handicap that I was born with. It is a type of Cerebral Palsy that gets worse with age. If I rode for more than thirty to forty five minutes I was in pain and could hardly get off the horse.

Then in May of 2009 I met a Lady by the name of Danielle Girouard. She owns Southern Sun Stables and raises Kentucky and Rocky Mountain Horses. She invited me to go riding with her one day and I said yes I would love to. A few weeks later I met her at her house and looked at all of her horses. I was in heaven. We hooked up the horse trailer and loaded two of them. We rode about 10 miles on the trails that day and I was not in any pain. When we got back to the horse trailer I could get off the horse and walk! I can not tell you how happy I was that day. I had never ridden a gaited horse before. I had heard a lot about them but never rode one. That day changed my life forever.

One day Danielle invited me to a team penning event and I told her I would meet her there, but I wasn’t going to ride due to I was having a bad leg and back day. She brought a horse for me to ride anyway. That is when I met Little Lady Doc. (Nickname Honey.) I tried to ride but I couldn’t, my back just hurt too bad. So I sat on the side lines holding Honey while Danielle rode her stud Motion. She would switch between the two horses. When I was holding Honey she would lightly rub on my arm and put her head on my shoulder. We bonded that day. She is such a loving gentle horse. She is very willing to do what ever I ask of her. She stands patiently when I climb off and on her which takes me some extra time, and she is only three years old.

Danielle and I went riding one day when I was having one of those not so good days. Honey picked up on it and took care of me, being extra careful and aware of my seat and balance I am so thankful that I met Danielle and that we became best of friends. We ride at least every Saturday some times more. We trail ride a lot. I will forever be grateful to Danielle and cherish our friendship.