Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News
2010 International
Grand Championship Issue



Introducing Charlotte Ford &

Doc's Big Deal


For as long as the Ford Family of Bowling Green, Ky. can remember, seven year old Charlotte Ford loved horses - stuffed horses, stick horses, horses on her lunch box, horses on her bedspread. She used her daddyís neckties to tie up imaginary horses. She must have inherited the horse gene from her PaPa, David Cansler of Cerulean, Ky., who regularly packs up the grandchildren to Wrangler Campground at the Land between the Lakes National Park.

It was only natural that at age three Charlotte would begin taking horseback riding lessons. SF farms taught Charlotte all the basics of horse care, beginning riding, and the joys of horses. Charlotte seemed born to ride. Soon she began showing in Mountain shows and discovered trail rides. She and her family experienced the pleasure and luxury of the Kentucky Mountain Horse and the child-friendly nature of this beautiful breed.

Charlotte Blair Ford dedicated herself to the sport of riding and proved to her family that she truly wanted to become a great rider and competitor in the ring. Watch for Charlotte as she goes for the blue ribbon on Docís Big Deal trained by Henry Elam. And a big thanks to Rosie and Jerry Morgan for such a wonderful horse! She and her family are looking forward to making many memories with new friends!


COVER PHOTO: Charlotte Ford pictured with Docís Big Deal, owned by the Ford Family of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Trained by Henry Elam of Deweese Farm of Franklin, Kentucky Photo by Sharon Elam.