Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News
2009/10 Winter Issue/Stallion Edition

International Grand Championship

2009 Trainer's Challenge

by Ruth McMurtry

With all the rough spots during the 2009 International Grand Championship, I am so glad the judges and the participants agreed to brave the elements and hold the Trainer’s Challenge. It was amazing to witness this event! Seeing those four noble examples—the horses—strut their newfound stuff, was the chocolate mousse of the show. They weathered the leaf blowers and chain saws better than I did. If I hadn’t been chanting "I do not need another horse" for over a year, and having "encouraged" my friends to downsize, I would have gone home with at least one of them. Ironically, the competitors—humans—complained that Kentucky Mountain Horses are too easy to really show their talents.




2009 KMSHA/SMHA Trainer’s Challenge competitors from L to R: 2nd place Tim Scarberry; Ist place Clinton Jones; 3rd Charlie Yeager ; 4th Paul Morell.


  Photo Above: Tim Scarberry shows his talents during the 2009 International Grand Championship Trainer’s Challenge.


2009 International Grand Championship photographs provided by Hoof-n-Paw Photos

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