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by Mary Marshall

Country Charm Farm, located in Coatesville, Indiana, is home to 2007 International Futurity three-year-old trail champion C.C.F.ís Shiloh. This stunning chocolate stallion is proudly owned, trained, and shown by Chris and Russell McCown.

SamíSonís Belle Shayla, a previous Regional High Points champion, the dam of C.C.F.ís Shiloh, was the first horse ever owned by Chris, whose dream had always been to raise good horses. Intrigued by the gaited breeds, Chris investigated Tennessee Walkers, Peruvian Pasos, and others before falling in love with the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse. When she made her first choice, little did she realize that in the very near future she would breed her first champion.

"After I saw all these beautiful chocolate-colored Mountain Horses grazing on a hillside in Mt. Olivet, Kentucky, I was hooked," said Chris. "Then I met and rode several and fell in love with their amazingly gentle and intelligent nature. I purchased my first filly in utero, and she became the dam of C.C.F.ís Shiloh and his full brother C.C.Fís Jericho who is now a yearling."

Chris works as a medical office assistant by day and a horse breeder and trainer, of her own horses, back at the farm. Husband Russell works at a nearby airport, and is now expressing an interest in riding at shows. Chris proves that you donít have to be a professional trainer to live your dream of riding and showing your own stock to championship success.

In the beginning, nine years ago, when Chris went looking for her first trainer, she chose Cheryl Glancy because of her previous dressage background and her "natural horsemanship" capabilities. "At that time, since I didnít have the experience, I found a dressage trainer who helped open up an entirely new world for me, and I now use both techniques in the training of my young horses to help them learn to use their bodies better, and understand what I expect from them. It has made all the difference in the world, and I credit that partly to our success we have experienced in the show ring."

Chris, who trains her own show string, implemented the help of a natural horsemanship trainer, Jerry Munns, a multi-talented trainer with a varied background, in the early phase of C.C.F.ís Shilohís training. "It was important to me that Shiloh have good ground manners, learn to give (in the bridle), be supple, and understand leg and seat aids," Chris said. "Since heís my first stallion I wanted him to have the experience of being around "outside horses", especially mares in season, before I began showing and trail riding."

"My husband (Russell) sees how much fun Iím having and likeís to ride now," said Chris. "The stallions just have these gentle and unflappable temperaments. I mean, here I am, a novice horse owner handling, riding, and training stallions. It really is unbelievable. The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses have made me a believer that anyone can enjoy this breed because they are so kind and willing."

Country Charm Farm, has had a wonderful 2007 with an International show win, Futurity win and a single outside mare breeding -- C.C.F.ís Shilohís first. "I hadnít planned on breeding with Shiloh last year," Chris said enthusiastically," but when the opportunity arose I had to say yes. I knew the mare . sheís gorgeous! A beautiful palamino, owned by Steve and June Gillett." "Weíre really excited about our "boyís", (Shiloh and Jericho) and I canít wait to see their future colts and fillies!"