Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News

2007 November/December
Winter Issue


Cover Story


by Darrell and Rhonda Becknell

We would like to thank the KMSHA and the judges for providing a great show at the Kentucky Horse Park. We would also like to thank all the riders, owners, and horses who made the park division an exciting one to compete in this year. We also extend our gratitude to all the people who have supported Rock over the years and would stop by the horse trailer and ask, "Did you bring Rock tonight?"

After admiring the horses at previous International shows, we decided that we wanted to acquire a horse of championship quality. We found a horse that fit the bill at Wendell Johnsonís farm in Irvine, Kentucky. We also discovered a true friend who has been willing to share his knowledge of the horse and itís history. Many thanks to Wendell for allowing us to bring Red Rock home, and all the happiness he has brought to us over the years.

As a two-year-old, Rock was sent to 16-year-old Jason Creech of Booneville, Kentucky, to be broken. The quiet, shy boy seemed to have knowledge beyond his years regarding horses. Jason rode Rock for 60 days, but due to his age we had to find someone else to show the horse. Robin and Martiza McVicker rode Rock in Mountain horse shows as a two-year-old. James Powell, now deceased, rode our talented horse to a Mountain horse high point award in 2003. After Jamesí death, we decided to take time off from the show circuit.

Travis Smith, a young man from Booneville, wanted to show Rock in the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse show in 2006. After only 35 days being under saddle after a lengthy layoff, Rock won the 5-year-old and older park class. What a surprise! The bug had hit and we were showing again.

This summer David Godsey worked with us. The railroad took him to a new job, causing us to lose a trainer but gain a family member! We went back to see Jason, now 23, and his father Mike Creech, who agreed to come and work with us.

Two months later, we are back at the KMSHA International Show with Rock and seven of his babies. On Tuesday night, Rock placed 2nd in the 5 & Older Stallions Park Pleasure. It was time to decide, do we go on or go home? On we went to Thursday night! Rock put on the best ride of his life in the KMSHA Stallions Park Pleasure Championship, getting himself to a Saturday night ride-a dream come true! I think that he enjoyed it as much, or maybe more, than we did. On Saturday, everyoneĎs nerves were on edge and it was quiet around the barn. Everyone was trying to process the events of the last seven years and what the future held. It seemed like only yesterday that Rock was nipping at a young Jasonís toes every time he nudged him to go forward. Then the time rolled around. Jason and Rock put on another impeccable show winning the KMSHA Park Pleasure Grand Championship! Rock and Jason have come full circle, from the beginning to the ultimate achievement between horse and rider.

We will miss Rock on the show circuit, but his offspring have been winning all year. They will carry on his tradition. Rock will spend his time as a breeding stallion at our Double J Stable in Booneville, Kentucky. Look for his offspring: Scotch By The Rock, Mark V, Rock-N-Roe, and Rockís Twelve Five to carry on the tradition.

Darrell and Rhonda Becknell

Double J Stables

Booneville, Kentucky

606-593-7163 or 606-593-3333