Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News

May/June 2007

Everything Spotted


An Introduction

by Melinda Jennings, KMSHA Registrar

With the KMSH News now on the shelves at Tractor Supply stores, I would like to take a moment and introduce the Spotted Mountain Horse Association to the new people who may be picking up the magazine for the first time.

The SMHA was started in 2002 because there was a need for a registry recognizing the Spotted Mountain Horse. For registration eligibility the horse must perform a smooth, natural four-beat gait either barefoot or with a standard keg shoe. No heavy shoes, bands, or aids are permitted.

The horse must have white body markings other than on the face and legs, and show a willing or gentle disposition. They must have good conformation with a well-proportioned body, head, and legs.

The history of the Spotted Mountain Horse, like the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, dates back to the early days in Appalachia when a versatile horse was needed to work the family farm, provide a smooth ride, or pull the family buggy into town.

Colorful and flashy, the Spotted Mountain Horse’s have been a treasure to their owners. They are available in a variety of colors such as black and white, bay and white, red and white, buckskin and white, as well as many different coat patterns.

Perhaps you own a horse that would make a good addition to our association. The registry books are open and accepting applications on eligible horses. Please contact the KMSHA/SMHA office for more information on registration opportunities.

If you are interested in purchasing a Spotted Mountain Horse we also have a newly published brochure with information on their history, and a list of breeders. I would also invite you to explore our web site,  to learn more about the breed and to view a list of KMSHA-sanctioned shows in your area.

There are several opportunities to show your Spotted Mountain Horse. Classes are held in conjunction with the KMSHA show circuit. We have many different divisions and show opportunities for all levels of riders. The SMHA is also represented at many breed fairs, parades, and events throughout the United States and Canada.

As the association continues to grow, we are taking on new members and new horses. The reputation of the Spotted Mountain Horse continues to grow as a versatile family, show, and trail horse. Consider a Spotted Mountain Horse as your next best friend!