Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News

March/April 2007

Everything Spotted


New Brochure Highlights Spotted Mountain Horse

by Melinda Jennings, KMSHA Registrar

The new Spotted Mountain Horse brochures are here just in time for spring. The colorful brochures are a great way for your farm to promote your spotted breeding program. The brochure covers the history and different uses of the Spotted Mountain Horse, and contains a description of the different coat patterns and registration requirements. These brochures will be distributed by KMSHA/SMHA regional reps at their booths at breed fairs and shows all over the United States and Canada. Please contact the KMSHA office if you would like brochures for distribution at your farm.

With show season underway dont forget to enter your Spotted Horse in the Junior Robinson Pot O Gold Jackpot award. The program tracks the total money any pre-registered horse wins for the entire 2007 season. The Pot has already started with $4,500.00 and will grow by donations and registration fees. All horses that are pre-registered by May 15 will have their earnings tabulated continuously throughout the 2007 show season, starting with the Spring Spectacular shows on April 13-14 All pre-registered "horses" by May 15th will have their earnings tabulated continually throughout the 2007 season starting with the Spring Spectacular Horse Show. The top money horse as well as the runner-up and the top money Juvenile horse, will split the Jackpot winnings 50%, 25%, 25%.

For all new members who are interested in show opportunities for their Spotted Mountain Horses, your spotted horse is eligible to show in all Spotted Classes, Juvenile Classes, Novice and Amateur Classes as well as regional, western, four-gait and trail obstacle.