Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News

FALL 2007

Everything Spotted


Spotted Mountain Horse Association Futurity


by  Melinda Jennings, KMSHA Registrar

Due to last year’s participation and large paybacks, the 2007 SMHA Futurity offers more classes, divisions, and larger KEEP (Kentucky Equine Education Project) paybacks.

On the slate for this year will be halter classes for SMHA weanlings, yearlings, and two-year-olds, and under saddle divisions for two and three-year-olds, and four and over. Also new for this year, like the KMSHA classes, the under saddle divisions will be divided into Country Trail/Trail Pleasure and Classic/Park Pleasure classes. Last year’s participants were surprised to receive paybacks from KEEP. Those included were Glynn Johnson, Valerie Kleinheitz, Josette Knowles, and Martha Gilley who all exhibited foals from JNK Reproductions nominated stallions. All SMHA foals that competed in the 2006 Futurity received a welcome payback from KEEP.

Returning for the second year is the Spotted Mountain Horse Versatility Award. Last year’s winner was Julie Adams, and Carbon’s Swingin’ Sweetheart of Rocking Gait Farm in Mt. Washington, Kentucky. They received a trophy and a $200 cash prize. This year’s first place winner will receive a black trooper saddle. Start getting your spotted horses ready to compete.

Spotted Mountain Horse Versatility Award

  • Points apply to horse and will be based on the highest total of overall points accumulated during the 2007 International.

  • The futurity classes are included for points.

  • Points will be counted in all divisions and classes the horse is shown in.

  • Exhibitors that want to be eligible for the award are required to fill out the appropriate information on the entry form, and complete the sign-up sheet.

  • Exhibitors must fill out and complete the versatility sign-up sheet prior to the start of the show on Monday to be entered in the Spotted Mountain Versatility Award.

  • You do not have to win to receive points. Points will be given to horses that place in KMSHA/SMHA classes as well as SMHA classes, fun classes, and futurity classes. The horse is entered, so different riders can help accumulate points.

A wonderful black trooper saddle is the first place award!

We have some great sponsors this year--Eddie and Wanda of Diamond A Tack, last year’s winner Julie Adams, Pat Veilleux, Bill Caudill, Ben Rose, Jane Gean, Don and Nancy Copland, Dave Fiske, and Martha Gilley. Thank you! We hope to get more sponsors before the International.

Natural Horsemanship

New this year for KMSHA/SMHA registered horses, adults, and youth riders is the Natural Horsemanship class.

  • Equipment allowed: Horses must be ridden in a soft halter with no metal parts, with one or two reins, or with a soft rope around the neck. Saddles are optional. Western or English attire is acceptable. Juvenile exhibitors, 11 and under, will be required to wear protective headgear and will be excused from the class if not wearing a helmet.

  • Prohibited equipment: No spurs, bits, bridles, stiff bosals, or mechanical hackamores are allowed.

  • A horse and rider team work in unison in the arena, using ground obstacles while riding, navigating obstacles while riding, accentuating riding skills, and communication between horse and rider. Only one horse and rider will be allowed in the arena during exhibition.

Look at the pre-show packet for more information, rules and regulations, for this exciting new class. The class layout will be posted at the show. The ground obstacles must be navigated on a line (lead). The only physical contact allowed between horse and rider while on the ground shall be through the line (lead), hand, body or lead (line). Contact while maneuvering ground obstacles will be penalized in the final scoring. Following the completion of the ground obstacle portion, the rider is asked to mount their horse (a mounting block may be used), and a repeat of the "on line" obstacles and or predetermined pattern may be called for at this time. The class will call for two gaits, the trail walk and the show gait. The judge will be looking for a harmonious response to the rider and to consider how well the horse maintains the gait on a loose rein.

Charlie Ashford of Maple Hill Farm has generously donated a saddle as our first place prize. We cannot thank him enough for believing in this new and interesting class. Other sponsors include Glynn Johnson, and Charlie and Linda Jones. We are looking forward to a great turnout. If you are interested in helping to make either of these events memorable, please call Val at the KMSHA office with your donations.