Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News

Jan/Feb 2007

Everything Spotted


A New Year Brings Exciting Opportunities


2007 is finally here and the Spotted Mountain Horse Association is beginning the year with several new undertakings. This spring expect

the arrival of the new Spotted Mountain Horse Brochure.    The new brochure will be distributed at breed fairs and expos all over the country, and is a great way for us to promote the spotted breed.


The SMHA Futurity is in its second year. Spotted breeding stallions, four years old and over are eligible to be nominated for the futurity. The names of all nominated stallions will appear both in the KMSHA News and on our website. Your stallion will also be eligible to show at the KMSHA International Grand Champion Horse Show in October in the

Spotted Futurity Class.


Additional benefits include the prestige of advertising your stallion as a futurity stallion and increased exposure.  In addition, nominated stallion’s offspring will be able to compete in their age division in Futurity Classes offered at the International Grand Championship.


The prize money for the futurity classes increase with each entry and as a result the prize money can reach outstanding amounts. 


If you have a breeding stallion or foal you would like to be eligible for the futurity, please contact me at the KMSHA office as soon as possible for more information. 


It will soon be time to dust off your saddles, and polish your show boots as the SMHA high point program will be kicking off with our 2007 Spring Spectacular Horse Show, April 13,14 at the Kentucky Horse Park.


If you would like to compete for high points with your spotted horse, remember there are several classes offered. They will include Spotted Trail Pleasure, Classic Pleasure and Park Pleasure classes as well as an opportunity to compete against their solid color counterparts in the Country Trail Pleasure, Juvenile, Novice, Amateur and Regional divisions.


Also new this year is the Junior Robinson Pot O’Gold Jackpot award. The program tracks the total money any pre-registered horse wins for the entire 2007 season. Both KMSHA and SMHA horses are eligible to compete for this award, but must pay a $100.00 registration fee which goes into the POT to be paid out at the end of the Season.


The POT has already started with $4,500 and will grow by donations and registration fees. All pre-registered "horses" by May 15th will have their earnings tabulated continually throughout the 2007 season starting with the Spring Spectacular Horse Show and the "top money" horse as well as the Runner-Up and the "top money" Juvenile horse, will split the Jackpot winnings 50,25,25.


Please look for more information for this award in this month's issue of Kentucky Saddle Horse News or see me at the Office to register your horse.


See you soon,


Melinda Jennings

KMSHA Registrar.



Remember, the only way to compete in the Futurity Classes is for both Sire and offspring to be nominated.