Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News

Jan/Feb 2007


Talented Photographer P. J. Wamble Selected for Spring Spectacular, Summer Celebration and Kentucky State Championship Shows

KMSHA is delighted to announce the selection of P.J. Wamble of Tennessee as the official  photographer for three shows sponsored by KMSHA/SMHA.  The first show is April 13-14 to be held at the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky.  Known for her approachable personality and her talent with a camera, this will be P.J.'s first Mountain Horse show, but will not be her last one.  Satisfaction is her goal and she delivers as you can see from this testimonial from a pleased customer:

"My staff loves to hear you are coming to the farm!  Your reasonable prices, quick turnaround, and down-home Southern style are refreshing."

In addition to shots from center ring, P.J. will be available during show session breaks to take special portrait type photos of riders and horses.  This is an exceptional opportunity to get the professional pictures that you will need for advertising and gift giving throughout the year.


All proofs taken by P.J. during the show will be available for viewing and purchasing at the show; within hours of the completion of classes.  P.J. accepts all major credit cards as well as personal checks and cash payments.


Digital proofs will be available for viewing and selection soon after shooting, with long-lasting, high-quality photographic reprints delivered to your home about two weeks after the show.   





Special Event Prices for Full Color Photography for the following KMSHA/SMHA National Shows Only:

April 13-14 - Lexington, Kentucky

June 1-2 - Sunbury, Ohio

July 6-7 - Harrodsburg, Kentucky



  Qty/Size   Cost
  12 wallet size   $ 15
  4 - 4" x 6"   $ 35
  2 - 5" x 7"   $ 35
  1 - 5" x 7" and 10 wallet size   $ 30
  1 - 8" x 10"   $ 35
  1 - 11" x 14"   $ 50
  1 - 16" x 20"   $ 85
  1 - 20" x 30" poster   $ 95
  PKG M-1 - 1 - 8" x 10" and 2 - 5" x 7"   $ 55
  PKG M-2 - 1 11" x 14" and 2 - 8" x 10"   $ 99




Meet P.J

Probably all equine photographers started out their lives as "horse crazy" youngsters. I am no exception.  How fortunate for me that I grew up with horses and have been able to develop my passion into a career.

My family owned a farm and several riding horses.  We also boarded a few for folks who lived in town.  It seems all our family activities revolved around pleasure riding or horse shows. Name a breed and one probably lived at our house, although I quickly learned to prefer the smooth gaits of Tennessee Walking Horses.

It is not always easy to make a career out of a passion, but surely a bit of divine intervention was at work in my life.  Soon after I graduated college, I began working for an equine breed journal.  I started in the accounts receivable department and worked my way up to managing editor.  Over the 26 years I was there, I discovered both a love and a natural talent for capturing an animal's unique personality and "look at me!" attitude through the lens of a camera.  As a horse and animal lover, I can just "see" their personalities waiting to be captured.

Today, trail riding continues to rank high on my list of favorite activites, and the walking horse is still my breed of choice but, like other horse-lovers, I have a deep appreciation for ALL breeds that never waivers.  Each has its own endearing characteristics and unique style.

I've also found that same charisma lives in other subjects, from pets to people.  It would be my pleasure to capture that "look" for you.


    ~  P.J. Wamble