Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News

Nov/Dec  2006

Members of the Month


Tamberlane Farms 

Gail Shumaker fell in love with gaited mountain horses as a youngster and is working now to pass those emotions on to a whole new generation. “I had a gaited horse as a kid,” she said. “Later, Don, my husband, and I, had a Morgan stallion and Quarter horses, but they didn’t compare.” Don Shumaker is a dentist. “I tell everyone he’s the tooth fairy,” Gail said. “He gets a kick out of that.”

The Shumaker’s 27 acre Ohio operation, Tamberlane Farms, has 13 horses on the farm and 16 KMSHA horses. Gail has 13 horses on the farm and owns 16 KMSHA horses. “We don’t have any babies coming this year, but we’re going to breed five mares in the spring,” she said. “We’ve been very careful to maintain the old time bloodlines and we don’t want to see that go down the tube.”

They also board horses for other people and stand several stallions. The stallions are all of old time bloodlines. Tamberlane’s  The Bandit, Tamberlane’s Powerful Threat and Tamberlane’s What’s On Tap. Gail’s other stallion, Dark Moon Rising, affectionately known as Sox, was killed in a farm accident in November. “I was devastated,” Gail said. “I stayed there with him, held him and said my goodbyes until the vet came. It was such a shock.”

Gail has been a KMSHA supporter since the organization’s beginning and is now exclusively associated with it.  She strives to share her love of horses and knowledge of riding with the young people in her area.  Gail is president of the KMSHA Great Lakes Region and supervises the KMSHA Great Lakes Youth Program. “We work with the kids a lot around here,” Gail said. “We have seven that are getting ready for next year’s show season.  They compete in the local shows here to get experience to go to the bigger KMSHA shows.”

Gail helped Tammera at the KMSHA booth at the International Show. “She is the best volunteer KMSHA has,” said Tammera Porter, marketing. “She works hard with the kids in her region, gets shows going and is really an inspiration to all of us with how hard she works without ever complaining about personal stuff.  I could not have done the show without her,” Tammera said. “She was there bright and early every morning and worked harder and longer than anyone else. I sure wish we had more exceptional volunteers like Gail. She’s the most loyal member I know and we’re so lucky to have her. Gail is a great lady.”

For more information about Tamberlane Farms, or if you are interested in becoming a part of the KMSHA Great Lakes Region and Youth Program, please contact Gail at:

3999 Brush Road

Richfield, Ohio 44286

Phone: 330-659-0680