Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse News

May/June 2006

Spotted Mountain Horse Association

Everything Spotted


I would like to welcome all of the spotted mountain horse babies born this year.  What an exciting year!  As you can see by the pictures, there are a wide variety of colors.  In the effort to breed for spotted mountain horses, we even came up with some solid babies.  These solid foals are important to our breed because their bloodlines will contribute to the foundation of our breed. 

For instance, a cremello filly out of two palomino and white parents, will be an asset to the breed because she is a third generation spotted mountain horse, if bred back to  a spotted stallion, she will produce amazing color.  Spotted books are still open and we welcome both spotted horses and solid color offspring into the registry.


In a little over four years, we have registered over 100 spotted horses into the Spotted Mountain Horse registry.  As the registry continues to grow, more and more people are discovering this unique breed of horse. 


We need to continue to bring attention to our breed of horse through promotion.   We need to become more visible at breed fairs, and in the show ring. 


I would like to encourage everyone to show their spotted horses wherever they can.  This year we were given the wonderful opportunity to show spotted horses in Amateur, Juvenile, and Novice classes.  We need to take every advantage of this opportunity to become visible.  If anyone has an opportunity through a breed fair or other event to promote these horses, please call me for brochures or other promotional materials.







 Melinda Jennings

SMHA representative