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KMSHA - The Best Breed in the World 


Tamara Moore and Steve Zuchowski can’t agree on a name for their Reno, Nevada, farm. However, they do agree that Kentucky Mountain Saddles Horses are the best breed in the world.

“I started riding when I was five,” Tamara said. “I spent some time around Quarter Horses and a few other breeds, but nothing had prepared me for the sweet, people oriented disposition of the mountain horses.”

Tamara was introduced to Kentucky Mountain Horses about five years ago by Barbara Weatherwax, author of “The Fabulous Floating Horses.” Barbara let Tamara try out one of her gaited beauties. “I was hooked immediately,” Tamara said. “They are just so awesome. Better than any other horses I’ve ever worked with.”

She bought a couple horses from Barbara and started riding. Of course, the horse count just kept growing. “I’ve always loved Barbara’s mare, Tessa. When her General Jackson son, Robert E. Lee, became available, I jumped at the chance to have him,” she said. “Then, Tessa became available and I couldn’t say no to that. I bred her to Jackson and now we have two wonderful stallion prospects by General Jackson.”

Tamara is so impressed by General Jackson, the stallion Junior Robinson founded the KMSHA on, she traveled back to Kentucky for the first KMSH International Show last year and rode him in the Master Stallion parade. “It was an honor to ride such a wonderful horse,” she said. “It’s just as thrilling to have his beautiful sons here to carry on this very special breed. We really are sticking strictly to the old time bloodlines where the breed originated.”

When not working with their exceptional horses, Tamara and Steve work closely with special people. Tamara is the director of nursing at a forensic psychiatric facility in Reno. Steve, her fiancé, is a psychiatrist. Her son, Zach, 12, also is involved in the no name farm’s operations. “It’s just not a worry having two young stallions around here with my child,” Tamara said. “They are so good natured and gentle. We spend a lot of time as a family with all the horses.”

The demographics of their breeding operation are a little odd. “We have two stallions, two geldings and one mare,” Tamara said. “We’ll probably breed Tessa back to Jackson next year. They just make such beautiful babies together.”

They will probably part with one of the young stallions, but they haven’t decided which one, yet. “We’re just getting started and we’re enjoying every minute of the journey,” she said. “I don’t know where we’ll be in five years – except that we’ll always have Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses. I can’t imagine life without them.”