Rider's Cards are Required for Exhibiting



2016 card fee is $10.00.

By decision of the KMSHA Board of Directors under advisement by the Show and Exhibitors Committee, each show season all riders will be required to hold a current years KMSHA Rider’s Card. Cards will be issued for Professional, Amateur, Novice and Juvenile Riders. Each card has a designated ID and carries an appropriate fee designated by the KMSHA. Call the office for the current fee. Riders will be given a number with the prefix of rider registration status. Example: J-100 for Juvenile, N-100 for Novice, A-100 for Amateur and P-100 for Professional. This will be required on all entry forms for each rider.

The Rider’s Card must be presented to the Show Office for each show when making an entry at a KMSHA National or Regional sanctioned event or at sanctioned fun shows when competing in the available regional high point classes.

The abbreviated definition for each category of rider will appear on the card;

  1. Professional – a person who takes compensation in any form for the training or riding of horses;

  2. Amateur – a person who does NOT take compensation or gifts (page 32,5.e) for the training or riding of horses;

  3. Novice – an amateur (as stated above) who has not won more than three blue ribbons in a Show season with the KMSHA. Once a Novice Rider wins their 3rd blue ribbon in a given season in any combination of classes, they may continue to finish that Hi-Point season without penalty, but permanently lose their Novice status.

  4. Juvenile – a person under the age of 18 (page 32, 5.b) during the competition year, who does not take money or gifts for the training or riding of a horse and has not declared themselves to be an adult for the competition year.

Owners of horses whose riders have chosen designations for each season are also responsible for their riders to maintain their designations and not to violate any ruling of the KMSHA.

Rider’s Cards will be available through the KMSHA Office and at Sanctioned Shows. An application is available in the rear section of this rulebook and also in the KMSHA News Magazine.

Exhibitors competing in KMSHA/SMHA sanctioned “A” / fun shows are not required to have Rider’s Cards, unless they are showing in regional classes and competing towards end of year high point awards.

Complete definitions for the professional, amateur and juvenile designations appear in the KMSHA/SMHA Show Catalog and Rulebook.  Rider’s Cards will be available through the KMSHA Office.

Download the Application Form